What is Recipes for Learning®?

Access to information for rookie moms and dads and grandparents based on the brain, memory, learning, early childhood development, and parenting. It is researched and synthesized to lay a foundation of learning and fuel it for life. The information is always useful, easy to use and fun to do.

Why Are You Doing This?

Because I love to learn and enjoy sharing my learning to bless and benefit others. I share my joy of learning so you can enjoy learning with your family.

Who Are You?

My name is Tony Pfeiffer. I am known as The Joy of Learning Guy. I am an educator, trainer, coach, and instructional designer.

I am married to a beautiful and wonderful woman. We have raised our two grown sons and now have five grandsons and a step grand daughter.

How Can I Trust You?

At first you may not. You are the expert in loving your child and knowing what is best. I hope by sharing information to help and guide you to learn and practice with your children that we will develop a mutual relationship based on honesty and respect.

Where Does Your Information Come From?

Personal experience, observation, study and research. Accessed from multiple sources including books, websites, research, and interviews. We research and synthesize current information so you have the right information and tools to learn and teach your child. We do our best to properly quote and acknowledge our resources. We call it Where to Go for More Know.

How Current Is Your Information? 

Our intention is to collect, compile and combine information on a weekly basis. As life-long learners, we read, research and attend courses and workshops on various subjects including brain, memory, learning, early childhood development and parenting. As we learn more, there is more to share with you.

When Should I Start Teaching My Child?

At birth. You are already training the baby to listen to your voice and respond to it. Think of teaching and learning as a normal interaction with your environment and your child. It starts and continues from your heart of love.

What materials are free? 

Learning Tips for Busy Moms and Dads. Blog posts and future reports.

What are you selling? 

Recipes for Learning® 30 Day Start

COMING SOON! A simple package a “menu plan” for laying a foundation for learning and fueling it for life.  A 30 day how to guide and daily recipes (activities) of 10 minutes and Teach-ABLE moments.

 What Is In Your Newsletter?

Simple and  concise tips on universal learning principles and common sense practices. Guidance to learn and practice 10 minutes everyday with your family. Also, a direct link to our current blog post and related learning links.

How Often Do I Receive Your Newsletter? 


How Do I Unsubscribe To The Newsletter? 

Hopefully you never will but if you do, scroll to the bottom of the email from us there is an unsubcribe link, click through and follow the prompts.

 How Do I Contact You? 

Specific questions to The Joy of Learning Guy:


General service and support questions and concerns:


How Can I Spread The Joyful Learning Message? 

Learn for yourself and share the new learning or past learning with your children, family members and friends. Post comments on our blog. As a Learning Ambassador you can “pay it forward” by inviting family and friends to subscribe to the Learning Tips for Busy Moms & Dads. You help by liking us on Facebook and tweeting others about your learning from www.recipesforlearning.com. 

Are You Looking For Partners & Joint Ventures? 

We are open to explore any opportunity and options that fit our commitment to share the joyful learning message to lay a foundation of learning and fuel it for life.

To start a conversation with us send an email to:


Your Question Not Listed?

All questions, concerns and comments are welcome. Your questions help me learn how to better serve and support you and other learners. If I don’t know something I will admit it. If I can find you an answer or a resource that supports you I will.

Feel free to ask questions tony@recipesforlearning.com