Rookie Dad- Part Two

Helping Hand-Rookie Dad Part two

FIRST STEPS  Judson took his first solo steps on his first birthday. He stood up and walked exactly six steps and fell down. “Look! Judson walked,” I shouted to Marie. We clapped for him. He smiled and got up to try again. From then on he practiced his baby steps each day. Eventually, his short chubby legs could walk without falling down. “DADDY!”  “Daddy!” Judson … [Read more...]

Rookie Dad, Part One

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On Hearing the News “I am pregnant,” Marie announced. We had only been married a few months. We were both surprised. I was happy and scared. Later, it sunk in, I was going to a dad. Then, I was more scared and still happy. Complications: A Scary Day Marie was having difficulties. The doctor put her in the hospital. I drove from Long Beach to Los Angeles. Later, I was … [Read more...]