Intentional Interaction

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All parents love their children. Parents want their children to grow up to be happy, smart and moral. The challenge is how to do that with all the time demands and pressures of the “experts” on how to be the best parent (think buy my product cause I know more than you). The best gift you give your child is your love and time. It is an investment in a life for a life-time. … [Read more...]

Play Their Way!

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I have always preferred play to work. How come a game starts with “Play ball”? I’ve never heard that in an office. How cool it would be if our all work was play. Emerson said, “It is a happy talent to know how to play.” The Strong Play Museum in Rochester, NY celebrates play in all forms. One weekend we invited our oldest son and his wife and our four grandchildren to go … [Read more...]

Changing the Yardstick of Learning

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Einstein was considered a genius. We often refer to someone who has talent or a gift as an “Einstein”. Yet, growing up there was no distinct display of his gifts.. As a college student he wasn’t head of his class. After college, he worked as a patent clerk. He couldn’t even get a teaching job at a college! There were no tests, or assessments to measure Albert’s brain or … [Read more...]