Learning Measured by Coloring Inside the Lines

Rainbow with star coloring

"There's a time for everything young man And a way it should be done You've got to show concern for everyone else For you're not the only one" Says the teacher in Harry Chapin’s song “Flowers Are Red”. The boy in his first day at school put colors all over the paper because colors are what he saw. He was told that it was time for art and that flowers are red and … [Read more...]

The Reading Habit

Reading Quote # 3

I was sick the day we got to take home our first grade reading book. That night my parents attended the open house. Later, my mom came into my bedroom and left the book on my night stand. The next morning I woke to find the book. It wasn’t a dream. I grabbed the book, sat up in bed and began to read. Something I still do, even though my wife doesn’t like it. Some habits never … [Read more...]

Rookie Dad- Part Two

Helping Hand-Rookie Dad Part two

FIRST STEPS  Judson took his first solo steps on his first birthday. He stood up and walked exactly six steps and fell down. “Look! Judson walked,” I shouted to Marie. We clapped for him. He smiled and got up to try again. From then on he practiced his baby steps each day. Eventually, his short chubby legs could walk without falling down. “DADDY!”  “Daddy!” Judson … [Read more...]