The Joy of Learning

The Strength of the FamilyThe strength of the family determines the strength of society. The family has been underminded and eroded for years. The fantasy of a “normal” family from stories and early TV may not exist, but the family as defined by God in His Word, The Bible does. The family is a man and a woman joined together by God in God as one. Their relationship of love, trust and intimacy reproduces children as a continuation of human beings for God’s purpose.

The joining of a man and woman in marriage is holy and needs to be honored. Begetting a child needs to be celebrated and kept sacred. One of the Ten Commandments states we need to honor our parents. Honoring our parents honors their source of past parents, and ultimately the true source of all: God, the Father.

All human beings are made in the image and according to the likeness of God (Genesis 1:26). God made man’s body from the dust of the ground. The spirit was formed when God breathed into man the breath of life. Man became a living soul through the interaction of the spirit and the body. We are material conscious through our body with its five senses. The psychological consciousness comes from the soul with the mind, emotion and will. The human spirit gives us spiritual consciousness through conscience, intuition and fellowship.

We start with our experience of God as the Spirit communicating in our human spirit. The Bible is the means to train us in the way we should go so we can train up the next generation in the same way. Our understanding of ourselves is based on God’s viewpoint and personal information that provides insight for us to apply and contribute our talents and learning for our family and the community.

Included in the Bible’s instructions on raising children is the matter of training and paying it forward to future generations. Train up a child according to the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). Make known to your children and to your grandchildren (Deut. 4:9). It is clear that God wants us to teach and learn the spiritual principles and practical ways in our home as a family.

The foundation of personal knowledge and awareness must come from the knowledge and wisdom of God communicated in The Bible. The Bible must return to its place of being the primary source of all wisdom and teaching.

My vision is that each parent is educated, equipped, and empowered to learn as a person, together in partnership with their spouse and side by side with their children as parents. Mom and Dad respectively identify who they each are as a person and a learner. They then support one another in the development of their uniqueness. As the children are born, they are welcomed into a loving and nurturing environment — one that understands that one size does not fit all in person or in learning.

Then Mom and Dad and their children have the proper foundation of know-who and know-how to live and learn together life-long. Spend 10 minutes a day with Recipes for Learning to bring your family together while learning together…life long.

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