Meet The Joy of Learning Guy

My birth certificate states Anthony Davidson Pfeiffer. Family and friends call me Tony. The name “The Joy of Learning Guy” to our learning community.

I am married to a dear and beautiful woman from Puerto Rico. We raised our two sons and our family has grown to five grandsons and a step granddaughter.

I consider myself a combination scientist, inventor and teacher.

Scientist I want to understand how the brain learns and what influences moms and dads can provide for their children to nurture their learning.

Inventor I want to create something that will help others learn.

Teacher I want to share what I understand to help others to learn and practice.

My formal education includes an M.S. in Urban Studies and B.S. in Business Administration. My degree choices are related because I am fascinated with the human side of business and creating community.

My professional experience includes management, ministry, and teaching at the middle school, high school and college levels. I am qualified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory. I have developed and facilitated workshops for adults and high school students in self-discovery and personal growth. Coaching people in life and career is an ongoing joy.


To share my joy of learning so you can enjoy learning together with your family.

How It All Began

My labor of love and work in progress started in 1999 while working as a Middle School Advisor in Cleveland, OH. I asked two core questions that have fueled my quest. My questions were:

Question #1: How did the public education system get so whacked in this country?

Research, study and my own personal experience and observations have brought me to the conviction and commitment that true learning begins in the home.

Question #2: Since we know how the brain learns, why aren’t we sharing these principles with rookie moms and dads so they can learn and practice in their own homes?

True learning changes the brain and behavior. We need a foundation of learning based on universal principles and common sense practices.


Moms and Dads want information that is practice, easy to use and fun to do. Access to information and the benefits of knowledge are what is valuable.

Information that is stored in someone’s brain doesn’t help anyone. It’s like the secret of Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies dying with her. The other extreme is that the information has never been translated and therefore never gets transferred to the rest of us.

What if someone never reads the book? What he or she can’t make it to the seminar. The secret should never be a secret with a high entrance fee. Universal principles and common sense practices are meant to be shared and paid forward.

My vision and strategy is to build a simple, easy to use and fun to do approach to educate, equip and empower moms and dads. It is based on the science, art and joy of learning. Our website and product Recipes for Learning® with the The 10 Minute Learning EveryDay! practice gives moms and dads the guidance to learn and teach. It lays the foundation for learning and fuels it for life. The learning and practicing builds confidence. The joy is in the doing!

Learn. Practice. Celebrate.

The best gift a parent gives is love and time.

It is an investment in a life for a life-time.

- The Joy of Learning Guy