Meet the Team

Hello, I am Celerina from the Philippines. I am married and a mother of three children.

What is precious to me is when one of my children gives me a big hug and a kiss while saying “I love you Mommy…” This is a priceless moment that makes being a mom worth it.

As a working mom I found is a huge challenge, especially if working away from my children.  That is why I decided to leave my career as Administrative Officer from the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, Malacanang Palace when I get married and chose to stay at home to be a full time mother. My role is not merely to watch the kids growing up and taking care of them.  It includes giving them a better future. Our children are our future is  one of my favorite quotes from The Joy of Learning Guy.

While staying at home, I am learning to find  ways to help my husband earn and save money for the future of our children to give them a better living. I am so thankful that I work  as a Virtual Assistant. Now, I can work at home and earn money while taking care of my children.  I am so lucky that I met Tony Pfeifffer because he gave me a chance to become part of his team to spread the message of 10 MINUTE LEARNING EVERYDAY

I enjoy working with Tony because he is truly “The Joy of Learning Guy.” He is open minded, full of energy and passion in everything that  he is doing.  He includes me in what to do next. I am learning lots of things that I didn’t know as a rookie mom. The most valuable thing is the 10 minute learning practice. As a busy mom this works perfectly with my schedule. It helps me focus my love and time. And it does add up!

I am grateful  to Tony and  his wife Marie for welcoming me not only as a team member but most of all, making me feel that I am part of the family.