Intentional Interaction

All parents love their children. Parents want their children to grow up to be happy, smart and moral. The challenge is how to do that with all the time demands and pressures of the “experts” on how to be the best parent (think buy my product cause I know more than you).

The best gift you give your child is your love and time. It is an investment in a life for a life-time. They need your face and heart to help them grow their brains and bodies. Intentional interaction starts with a conscious choice of practice every day.


“The brain seems to be making choices according to some stubborn timing pattern, undoubtedly influenced by culture and gene.” (John Medina, author of Brain Rules). Brain scientists and reading experts have discovered the importance of 10 minute learning cycles. Our adult brains cycle in and out of attention on average every 10 minutes.


Teach-ABLE (Always, Be,Learning, Everywhere Everyday) moments are the instant and in the moment opportunities to teach and learn. The normal moments throughout the day: feeding, bathing, diapering, dressing, bedtime,etc. can be converted to a simple, sweet, and joyful moment.

Each time you play with your child you are seeing child development in action. You are connecting in a new way with your child and have become a more sensitive and responsive parent.


Start your learning practice today. The strategy of 10 minutes everyday focuses your love and time consistently. The everyday moments that come throughout the day provide the spontaneous interaction with your child. The child will benefit more from your intentional interaction than any toy or software you give.

We never really learn till we do something.  The joy is in the doing!

What interaction will you intentionally have with your child today?





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