The Reading Habit

I was sick the day we got to take home our first grade reading book. That night my parents attended the open house. Later, my mom came into my bedroom and left the book on my night stand. The next morning I woke to find the book. It wasn’t a dream. I grabbed the book, sat up in bed and began to read. Something I still do, even though my wife doesn’t like it. Some habits never die.

As a child I was exposed to reading and encouraged to read.  My parents read books and magazines. They read to me. My ability to recognize the letters of the alphabet was developed thanks to my mom. The words I recognized from learning at home became the foundation for my learning to read. Fortunately, my first grade teacher encouraged helped learning to read enjoyable and exciting.

Miss Maurice the junior high librarian taught me to read books with an eye on quality and not merely quantity. Today, I read whenever I can. I prefer the printed page over the digital. In our home there are  several full book shelves. And there are too many boxes of books piling up.

Some habits never die. May be they don’t need to.

What is your story about reading books? Where is your favorite place to read? Share with us by making a comment below. The joy is in the doing!

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