Rookie Dad- Part Two


Judson took his first solo steps on his first birthday. He stood up and walked exactly six steps and fell down. “Look! Judson walked,” I shouted to Marie. We clapped for him. He smiled and got up to try again. From then on he practiced his baby steps each day. Eventually, his short chubby legs could walk without falling down.


“Daddy!” Judson shouted as he ran to me and hugged my knees. At two years that’s all he could hug of me. I stooped down and hugged him. I wanted to keep him and the joy of that moment. That one word filled my heart with joy. I forgot my day at work, I forget my tiredness. Judson reminded me who I am for him.

Good thing he didn’t ask for money or the keys to the car. My heart was melted and I would have gladly given it all to him. That day he was satisfied with a big hug and a kiss.

Once he crawled to me, then he wobbled and walked. I encouraged him with my smiles, cheers and “way to goes!”  That day, he ran and announced who I am to him. My baby boy was walking and talking.

Now,he  calls me Dad.  I hug him man to man. He has four sons of his own.  But to me, he is still the little boy running to hug my knees and shouting “Daddy!”.


When did your child start walking? How did you feel?




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