Books Found

Some books you find and some find you. The ones that find me also stalk me.They are relentless in their pursuit of me. I can’t put the book down. I can’t ignore it either. For some reason what is written challenges my way of thinking. These mind chasers cause me to read them again and again and too often again and again. The author is shouting something directly to me that I refuse to see or acknowledge.

The first book that grabbed me and won’t let me go is the Bible. This set of sixty six books is a library that doesn’t stop giving and challenging. It begins with “In the beginning” and ends with “Come, Lord Jesus.” The book states that man is made in God’s image and according to His likeness and that God HImself became a man named Jesus. Each reading brings me more into the mystery of God the invisible Creator who wants to indwell me and become me. How can I run from that?

A book I often read and refer to is Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point.” I enjoyed reading it the first time and the nine times after. What I found intriguing is the concept of “social epidemic”. That just as a disease can spread into an epidemic, social change can move and grow in a similar way. My challenge to me is how to leverage the core ingredients of a social epidemic: “The Law of the Few, Stickiness and Context” to tip the change of the conversation and the yardstick of learning.

Some books are found, read and remain on my bookshelf. The few that find me and won’t let me go are the rare ones that I read again and again that challenge me, haunt me and stay in my heart and mind. These are the books I call my treasures.

Which book has found you? Share it with us by making a comment below…

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