The 5 T’s of Learning


TEN MINUTES A DAY: The average adult brain attention span. Take your learning in slower and more manageable bites of 10 minutes at a time.
As a mom or dad, build a learning practice with your baby for 10 minutes a day. The average attention span for a child is 1 minute per year. E.g. you son is 2, he will pay attention for about 2 minutes. Your intentional and uninterrupted 10 minutes intersects with his 2 minutes. He is happy and you are happy.

TEACHABLE MOMENTS: Teachable moments are spontaneous and occur naturally all during the day. These every day moments can be easily folded into your schedule. What we give away is what we keep.

Let the events themselves guide you into the play, talk, listen, read, love opportunities. During the day, grab a moment feeding, wiping, burping, drinking,etc

TEN THOUSAND HOURS: The master journey requires practice over approximately 10 years or approximately 10,000 hours (1,000 practice hours/year). Your choice begins with the first step to practice and all the repeated steps that follow.

As your child grows and develops, he or she will show interests and talents. Let those interests and talents guide you to nurture those within in the child. Give chances and choices to learn and practice. One dancing class doesn’t make a professional dancer. A successful little league season may not make a major league baseball player. Some skills and talents take longer to be discovered. What’s the rush? Allow your child to explore and discover those areas that match him or her.

TOYS: You are the child’s first “Big Toy”. The best toy is 90% the child’s imagination and 10% the object. A cardboard box with imagination becomes a canoe, fort, store, hiding place or ….

TOOLS: Support the learning for everyone. You don’t have to be a master carpenter to use a hammer. The right tools include resources and references that pertain to a particular area of learning and development. These include books, dvd’s, websites, seminars,etc.

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